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A new landscape painting bound for Fog Forest Gallery in Sackville:


Navy Island, 2015, Oil on Canvas, 11 x 14"

I found out last Friday that one of my mapscapes, C-Port, was acquired a few months ago for the UNB permanent collection. It is currently being displayed in a show entitled "Spotlight on the Collection" at the UNB Art Centre:


"The West Gallery features a display of recent acquisitions to the collection by artists such as Ann Manuel, Cliff Turner, Michael McEwing and others. This diverse range of emerging and established contemporary New Brunswick artists demonstrate their facility with a variety of media, such as sculpture, painting, printmaking, drawing, photography and collage."

The latest landscape paintings for the NTNB Conservation on Canvas project will be showing at the 6th Annual Dooryard Arts Festival in Woodstock. Check out for complete details.

As one of the festival events,  I will be giving an Artist Talk on Saturday July 26th at 2PM at Connell House. 

For more info, visit our Facebook event

May is come and gone! And with it, the annual art showcase of Mount Allison University Alumni & Faculty at Fog Forest Gallery.


This year, I submitted a small 9 x 12 oil on canvas painting entitled Sackville Sky

Below is a small painting that I donated to the NB Nature Trust for their On the Rise 2014 event at the Delta in Fredericton on Saturday, March 22nd. You can read more about it at the Conservation on Canvas blog.

Hyla Park Frog, acrylic on canvas, 9 x 12", 2014

James Buxton and I submitted a collaborative work for the Andrew & Laura McCain Art Gallery's Take a Seat Auction & Gala, Feb. 10 - 15, 2014. This was a one-week exhibit and fundraising auction featuring artist-modified chairs.


A couple of photos of our collaboration, Earthscape Chair:



The Conservation on Canvas project received lots of press in January and February from the Telegraph Journal, Daily Gleaner and Bugle-Observer. In February, it was the cover story for HERE Magazine:



You can visit the project blog at to find out more about the Conservation on Canvas project with the NB Nature Trust. 


I plan to visit all of the NB Nature Trust preserves and paint at least one landscape painting from each site. 


The Nature Trust has put up a Press Release on their website.