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The Andrew and Laura McCain Art Gallery Facebook Page has posted some photos from the Opening Reception on January 16th:


More from the ALMAG Facebook Page:


This drawing was a gift to my mom on the double occasion of her birthday & retirement from teaching in June, 2013. It is based on a photograph of my great aunt Lillian in her younger years. Lillian was like a grandmother to us and she was very close to my mom.


"Lillian", conte, charcoal & pencil on paper, 18 x 24", 2013.

Two new landscape paintings, Low Tide Shoreline and Tidal Markings are currently showing at Fog Forest Gallery in Welcome Back, an exhibition by Mount Allison alumni and faculty. The show runs from May 9 - 25, 2013.

This is a drawing of my Grandfather McEwing on an Indian Scout motorcycle in his younger days. It is based on an old faded photograph. It was created using dark brown and navy pencil with watercolour washes on Arches watercolour paper. Completed over the Christmas break in 2012 and presented to my dad on his birthday on January 3rd, 2013.

April 4, 2012  - A new series of oil landscape paintings is now showing as part of Marshlands and Tidelines at Fog Forest Gallery in Sackville NB. The show runs from April 5 to May 5, 2012. Opening Reception: Thursday, April 5 from 6:30 - 8:30 PM.



November 4 - December 15, 2011 - A Global Warning is part of Strength, a group exhibition at the Charlotte Glencross Gallery, Fredericton, NB. It is an art-by-invitation exhibition featuring the work of many of New Brunswick established and emerging artists.


May 13, 2011 - Orr's Point is currently showing in A Mount Allison Showcase, featuring work by Mount Allison alumni at Fog Forest Gallery in Sackville, NB.


April 7, 2011 - Best Laid Plans, Laura and Andrew McCain Gallery, Florenceville, N.B., April 7 to May 19, 2011. 


December 13, 2010 - More coverage of Mary Lou's New Telescope on the International Space Station:


Official RASC eNews announcement Dec. 13th Press Release Photos of Bob Thirsk and MLNT on the ISS.


August 11-14, 2010 - New printmaking and mixed media work will be appearing at the 2nd annual Dooryard Arts Festival in downtown Woodstock, NB. The festival runs from August 11 to 14.


June, 2010 - The Way of the Irish Elk mixed media print is now on the cover of Darwin et les grandes énigmes de la vie, a book by paleontologist, Stephen Jay Gould, published by Éditions du Seuil in Paris.




April & May, 2010 - New landscape works appeared in two Fog Forest Gallery shows, A Little Spring Fling and O'er The Pond.


March 27, 2010 - New mixed media works are on display in a group show featuring emerging artists. The show entitled Reunion is curated by Ingrid Mueller at the Blue Door Restaurant in Fredericton.


March 11, 2010 - Nate the Pug becomes immortalized as the winning label design on Picaroons Brewery's Feels Good Imperial Pilsner.




 October 8, 2009 - The Andrew & Laura McCain Gallery in Florenceville, NB presents Dooryard in Review, a showcase of scenes and art from the Dooryard Arts Festival.


September 15, 2009 - A variety of new landscape paintings are showing in the Fog Forest Gallery exhibition, Blurring the Edges.


August 28, 2009 - A copy of the book Mary Lou's New Telescope makes it to the International Space Station with Canadian Astronaut, Bob Thirsk. 



August 13,2009 - Woodblock print made for the poster of The Trials of Benny Swim, a play by Nick Lawson with music by Amy Anderson. This play ran for the week of the first annual Dooryard Arts Festival at the Old County Courthouse.



May 28, 2009 - The Andrew & Laura McCain Art Gallery in Florenceville is hosting a book launch of Mary Lou's New Telescope at 7 PM, featuring an exhibition of the original watercolour illustrations and a book reading by both the author and illustrator.


May 23, 2009 - Don Kelly and Michael McEwing are delivering a workshop entitled, Mary Lou's New Telescope: Science In Print as part of the "SMArts -- Linking Science, Math, and the Arts" Conference at the University of Moncton, NB.


April 14, 2009 - There are new artworks in printmaking on display at the Blue Door Restaurant in Fredericton, and in a new show entitled, Atlantic Editions IV -- Canadian Printmakers, at Fog Forest Gallery in Sackville.


March 27, 2009 - RiVA is hosting "Print & Play," an evening of printmaking and music. Michael McEwing will teach new easy-to-use printmaking techniques and Amy Anderson will conduct a music jamming session. These two workshops will take place at the St. James United Church on Chapel street in Woodstock at 7 PM.


January 1, 2009 - Mary Lou's New Telescope (a new children's book written by Don Kelly and illustrated by Michael McEwing) has now officially launched as part of the International Year of Astronomy.




November 28, 2008 - Our newly-formed Woodstock Arts Cooperative launched its first group art show as a fundraiser event at Fusion Cafe.


November 1, 2008 - This date marks the launch of RiVA, the River Valley Arts Alliance through an event at O'Toole Gallery named, aRiVA!


August 14, 2008 - Impact: Three Printmakers, a group exhibition at the Andrew and Laura McCain Art Gallery in Florenceville, NB features the print works of artists David Silverberg, Michael McEwing, and Allan Brewer, from Aug. 14 to Sep. 20, 2008.


May 8, 2008 - Mount Allison Voices, a group exhibition at Fog Forest Gallery in Sackville features the work of Mount Allison faculty and graduates, from May 8 to 31, 2008.


May 13, 2006 - McEwing will be showing new landscape works in Mount Allison Showcase, a group exhibition at Fog Forest Gallery in Sackville featuring the work of Mount Allison faculty and graduates. McEwing is the newest grad in the show. There will be an informal reception on May 13, 2006 from 2 - 4 PM.


May 13, 2006 - McEwing is also currently showing three new mixed media works in the 2006 BFA Graduation Exhibition at the Owens Arts Gallery. This is an annual show featuring work by the graduating class of Mount Allison Fine Arts students. The official opening is May 13 at 4 PM.


May 2, 2006 - Flightpath, a solo exhibition of mixed media paintings, is now showing at The Fredericton Playhouse, May 2 - 28, 2006.


February 1, 2006 - A Chocolate Affair" is a fundraiser for the Fredericton Community Kitchen. SilverFish and Emerge, two local art groups, are joining their creative forces and having a silent art auction coupled with a chocolate buffet. The event will be held on February 11th (valentine's day warm-up) at the Charlotte Street Art Centre @ 7pm.


December 23, 2005 - We're thinking of you, Aunt Vi. (Violet McEwing [Oct. 4, 1923 - Dec. 23, 2005]).


December 5, 2005 - The works in Fog Forest Gallery's Season of the Soul show are a series of three small acrylic paintings from Shogomoc Stream in the fall. They are Shogomoc in Fall I, 9 x 12, (sold) Shogomoc in Fall II, 9 x 12, (sold) Shogomoc in Fall III, 10 x 14, (sold).


October 28, 2005- McEwing currently has two landscape works in a group show at the President's Cottage, Mount Allison University, Sackville, N.B.


October 22, 2005 - Silverfish invites Emerge to a Halloween Party! -- The beginning of a beautiful friendship between the two artist collectives.


October 10, 2005 - Marilyn Mazerolle and Emerge are teaming up for a group show entitled Ascent, and will include new work by Marilyn Mazerolle, Pierre-Luc Arseneau, Mark Cameron, Adam Clowater, Kevin Guthrie, Michael McEwing, Joss Richer, Silas Robinson, and Shanie Stocek. The show opens at the Mazerolle Gallery (across from City Hall), Fredericton on October 21 from 7 - 9 PM. Music entertainment is being provided by Don Rigley and Michelle Daigle. All are welcome to attend.


September 15, 2005 - The Seminal show is featured today in a Telegraph Journal article entitled, Emerging artists have a particular kind of energy, by Karen Ruet.


September 7, 2005 - Timbral, a group exhibition featuring visual artworks that relate to music, is currently showing at the Marjorie Young Bell Conservatory of Music in Sackville, N.B. The exhibition includes painting, mixed media, and photography work.


September 1, 2005 - Launch of the new Emerge website!


July 27, 2005 - Seminal, the latest exhibition by Emerge, is currently showing at the Old Government House in Fredericton until September 26th, 2005. Featured artists include Pierre Luc Arseneau, Mark Cameron, Adam Clowater, Michael McEwing, Janet Miller, Joss Richer, Silas Robinson, Mark Stokoe, Shanie Stozek, Michelle Thompson, and Gibson Twist.


July 12, 2005 - McEwing will show recent works in Sightlines, an exhibition featuring landscape artists at the Fog Forest Gallery in Sackville, N. B. from July 12 - 30, 2005. This exhibition is part of Sackville's Festival by the Marsh. The official opening is July 12 at 7:30 PM.


April 15, 2005 - Emerge presents ô' dé - vîz, a show and sale of artworks by Fredericton emerging artists at the York Sunbury Museum from April 15 - 26. Featured artists include Pierre Luc Arseneau, Adam Clowater, Michael McEwing, Silas Robinson, and Shanie Stozek. Opening night on April 15 will begin at 7 PM featuring an audio show by Pierre Luc Arseneau, John Haynes, and Adam Jones.


March 4, 2005 - Royden's Memories, a solo exhibition of large conté drawings is now showing at The Fredericton Playhouse, March 4 - 31, 2005.


Feb 14, 2005 - Copper Moon is submitted to The Sweetest Little Thing, a fundraising event for Struts Artist-Run Center and the Owens Art Gallery.


Feb 14, 2005 - McEwing displays painting at MacPhail's Taproom, Piper's Lane, Fredericton.


Feb 3, 2005 - Auspices, a group exhibition of artworks by Fredericton emerging artists is now showing at The Fredericton Playhouse, February 3 - March 2, 2005.


Jan 11, 2005 - The Art of Michael McEwing, a solo exhibition of artworks, is on display at the W. W. Craig Gallery, Hartland, N.B., January 11 - 29, 2005.


Dec 9, 2004 - Online launch of Royden's Memories.


Aug 10, 2004 - This site now has a new, permanent home:


May 16, 2003 - This site is launched!